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Monk caught fleeing ‘tiger selfie’ temple with illegal skins and fangs
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Ruth McNally, another recent graduate, is living on unemployment benefits.

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I couldn't find anything. McNally says her friends are all "pretty much" in the same position. Indeed, there is a sense of despair that has taken hold here and a feeling of humiliation among many as Ireland seeks help from the rest of Europe. During good times, Ireland, for the first time in its history, was a destination for migrants seeking to make their fortune.

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Now, Ireland is again supplying labor to the rest of the world. According to government statistics, unemployment is now above 13 percent and 27, people left the country in the first four months of this year, more than anytime since An estimated 5, Irish people leave every month, an increase of 81 percent on figures from Things are so tough that even labor unions are telling members about prospects abroad. The most striking aspect of the bust is the collapse of the housing market.

Not only are houses not being sold, the Irish landscape is now littered with so-called "ghost estates," housing complexes that are sparsely inhabited and often unfinished. Architect Dominic Stevens says government policy fueled a boom in house building that could never be kept going. In [rural County] Leitrim you had estates that were populated entirely by people working on building other estates," he said.

An estimated , homes are unoccupied in the country, 23, of which are new homes that have never been lived in.

For homeowners who bought before the real estate bubble burst, foreclosure is a growing concern. In early November, the government reported that 1 in 10 Irish mortgage holders is failing to keep up with payments.

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Michael Culloty, a spokesperson for the Money Advice and Budgeting Service, an Irish charity that provides independent advice to people with financial problems, says that people are seeking advice but that widespread foreclosures have not yet begun. The adult tiger —weighing more than pounds 90 kilogrammes —was like many other beasts in the World Heritage-listed Kaziranga National Park, trying to reach dry land as the reserve became submerged by heavy rains. Wild buffalos running in floodwaters, exhausted rhinos resting on patches of land and elephants crossing a road were some of the unusual sights as rangers raced to reach animals struggling in the waters.

Tiger deadly attack on motorcycle bike 😳 in india.

More than 50 wild animals have died so far, including some in traffic accidents , as they tried to cross a busy highway outside the park and reach the nearby Karbi hills, local media reported. The tiger was about to cross the highway when it appeared to change its mind and jumped into a scrap dealer's tin-roofed compound, sending onlookers into a tizzy.

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The tiger decided to go in and sit on the bed. Choudhury said instead of tranquilising the big cat, his organisation was waiting for sunset to allow the creature to emerge from the compound and take off on its own. Meanwhile, forest rangers are using boats to traverse the parklands—now a large expanse of water—as they search for stranded or injured animals. The UNESCO-recognised Kaziranga is home to two-thirds of the world's remaining one-horned rhinos and several have been spotted basking in the sun on a patches of high ground surrounded by water.

With Assam usually one of the worst-hit Indian states during the annual rains, the park has been building ridges for the animals to swim to, although not all of them utilise the elevated areas. The floods, which are in their second week, have so far killed at least 27 people in Assam, sweeping away houses and boats. Across South Asia, including Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the death toll has risen above with millions of residents affected and hundreds of thousands displaced.

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Although their initial reactions were very different, the elephants ultimately retreated from growls of both cats. The elephants might be confused by the leopard growl, Thuppil said. A real leopard would most likely retreat from a group of elephants. Wild elephant populations are stable or even increasing in forest areas, Thuppil said.