Guardian of Eden

Guardian Of Eden
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Correct, store in cold dark place, such as basement or refrigerator. I am going to order from them again. I have purchased several of their products over the past couple of years and have NEVER encountered a problem. My online purchase has been smooth, and the prompt delivery and the efficacy of their products I am still enjoying to this day.

I could pick at their web presentation or spelling errors, but honesty and viability are higher on the list. So far, this company delivers for me and I am getting ready to order again. I purchased some of the Dead Sea salt, and it had a different smell about it, and I sent an email to them about the smell, and recieved an immiadite responce back, and they did not question about the smell, but only to get my shipping info to replace the shipment. I will continue to use GOE products, no matter what others have to whine about!!! I have also placed an order with this company along with a friend of mine.

Neither of is has had any problems with them.. I know there are times when every company gets it wrong, but I am a VERY particular about service, I have not had any problems with this company. I've been buying from them for years and have never had any problems with their service.. The heavy duty gallon jug was securely packaged.

From Edens Garden - From Eden's Garden

It came quickly by UPS. There were usage instructions enclosed along with a complimentary 4 oz. Service and product could not have been better and the price was the best I could find. I ordered on recommendation of a trusted friend, and if it were not for that the out of date website would have probably discouraged me from buying. I am glad I did order from GOE.

I've always had positive experiences with this company and have been ordering gallons of h2o2 for many years. It was double bagged, and the container had a tiny crack in the bottom. I thought the bottle had leaked during shipment I did not recognize that the contents of my bottle were going down the sink at roughly the same rate as I was pouring it back into the bottle until it was too late. I was a little discouraged!! I contacted the company, and they sent me a new gallon within days. They made a customer out of me that day.

I was VERY happy with their response I don't expect an immediate response I got that. I just ordered their 4 gallon special. It's due to come in any day now. I'm extremely happy with the results of using their product. I have been using GOE since for differant applications and it solves many problems A little comon sense goes a long way. I have been ordering from GOE for several years. I order at least 8 gallons, each gallon has 2 plastic bags to safeguard it during shipment.

Guardian of Eden

Then it is in heavy duty cardboard box with bubble wrap if any space needs filled. So packaging in my opinion is very good. My first order with them was damaged during shipping. So only half my order was delivered. I called and they said it would be shipped the next day, and it was. It arrived quickly and without any issues. That was of no fault of GOE, and they were top notch at handling my replacements. I have always had good service when I have called with any question. If you are looking at reviews before ordering, I hope this helps, also a big plus for GOE they offer Paypal.

Guardian of Eden

Jeannine in Georgia. I have been purchasing H and body purification plus other things from this company for 10 years plus. Any problems that arose, i.

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I have ordered three times from this company and they have delivered exactly what I ordered. High quality hydrogen peroxide and colloidal silver and the highest quality eyedropper bottles. That's exactly what I wanted and that's exactly what I got. I am very skeptical of the negative comments here. I received my first order last week, with no problems. Triple bagged with tons of bubble wrap within the box. I've only been using for a few days, but I'm definitely going to order from them again!

Yel told Me they do not want the product returned and Her Supervisor would call Me the next Day, March 30, , I have not received a call yet and they answer the phone saying "Customer Service". Why do they not identify the name of the Company You are calling? It is now June I have not spoken to a live Person again nor have I received a return phone call nor have I gotten a refund. I even left a Message telling them I was going to report them for fraud still no call back. This company is just Dishonest and Customer satisfaction is not a top priority.

I placed an order and received it 2 days late. Ok nice I received it. It wasn't what I ordered and was in plastic bottles versus glass bottles states on website. Highly dissatisfied. Filed a case through PayPal for a refund. I have never ordered this product but did get to benefit from a friend who uses it in her hot tub. After one minute soak a small wart near my eye fell off after more than a decade of driving me crazy.

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They are all tall, beautiful, smart and flawed. Categories : Aliens Sculptures. This book by DuBois will capture your attention and you will enjoy reading it. I shrugged and placed my head in my hands. Official Sites.

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