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There's a Starry Pooch in the Sky Named Canis Major
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He was given as a gift by the god Zeus to his lover, Europa. Later on, this same dog became the faithful companion of Orion, one of his treasured hunting dogs. Today, we simply see a nice dog up there, and Sirius is the gem at his throat. Sirius is also called Alpha Canis Majoris, meaning it's the alpha star the brightest in the constellation.

Although the ancients had no way of knowing this, Sirius is also one of the closest stars to us, at 8.

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Another refers to Merope as the daughter of Minos and not of Oenopion. V Orionis belongs to the spectral type A0 and is approximately 1, light years distant. Now ' apostacy' is very near akin to this sense, and therefore is one of the most natural In the East the festival of the Buddha, called the Wesak festival, is celebrated at the same full moon as the Beltane festival in the West - for they are one and the same. The jugular vein is the large veins of the neck that drain blood from the head.

It's a double star, with a smaller, dimmer companion. Some claim to be able to see Sirius B also known as "the Pup" with the naked eye, and it can definitely be seen through a telescope. Canis Major is relatively easy to spot in the sky during the months that it's up. It trails south-eastward of Orion, the Hunter, frolicking at his feet. It has several bright stars that delineate the legs, tail, and head of the dog.

The constellation itself is set against the backdrop of the Milky Way, which looks like a band of light stretching across the sky. If you like to scan the sky using binoculars or a small telescope, check out the bright star Adhara, which is actually a double star.

pennlabentvorslo.ga It's at the end of the dog's back legs. One of its stars is a bright blue-white color, and it has a dim companion. Also, check out the Milky Way itself. You'll notice many, many stars in the background. Next, look around for some open star clusters, such as M It has about a hundred stars, including some red giants and some white dwarfs.

Open clusters contain stars that were all born together and continue to travel through the galaxy as a cluster. In a few hundred thousand to a million years, they'll wander off on their own separate paths through the galaxy.

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There is also at least one nebula in Canis Major, called "Thor's Helmet". It is also thought that Orion was so named because he was reared there. The star Rigel , beta Orion, on Orion's heel, is where the Eridanus river arises. This might explain the mountain association with the name, mountains are usually from where rivers derive. To orientate literally means to face east. Orion regained his eyesight by orientating himself, with the help of Kedalion, facing east; facing the orient where the sun rises.

Orion has associations with the rising sun. In this root Pokorny lists words that have since been separated by linguists because of uncertainty. I will include them here because these words seem to have relevance to the character as described in the myths of Osiris and the description of Orion in the sky. Orion was seen as running in the sky; "the Scorpion rises as Orion starts to sink into the other side of the sky, and this was seen as Orion running away from the attacker, and still in fear of him.

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Thus, Scorpius rule the northern hemisphere's summer while Orion rules the winter skies. The star Rigel , on Orion's heel, is where the celestial Eridanus River derives , presumably it would be a rivulet at that stage. The cognate word for Orion, Gk. The Pyramid Texts speaks of the Nile in connection with Osiris :. The two mountains are split apart. The God comes into being, the God has power in his body. The month is born, the fields live. The inundation is coming; abundance surges in.

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The flood-season is coming, arising from the torrent issuing from Osiris, O King may Heaven give birth to thee as Orion! Watkins ]. Fortitude is a good word to fit the description Manilius gives in his astrological influences for Orion:. Orion is using force against you once more? It is named ' Orion ' from urine urina , that is, from a flood of waters, for it rises in the winter season, and troubles the sea and the land with waters and storms.

Latin speakers call this constellation the Jugula [translator's note: compare iugulum , 'throat,' with a figurative sense 'slaughter'] because it is armed, as if it has a sword, and is terrible and very brilliant in the light of its stars. If all of its stars are shining, then calm weather is forecast, but if their sharpness is blunted, then a storm is understood to loom.

Allen [ Star Names , below] says "Plautus, Varro, and others called the constellation of Orion Jugula and Jugulae , the Joined , referring to the umeri shoulder , the two bright stars in the shoulders, as if connected by the jugulum , or collar-bone. Such, at least, is the generally received derivation, but Buttmann claimed it as from jugulare the jugular vein , and hence the Slayer, a fitting title for the Warrior" [Allen, Star Names , p.

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The jugulum is the cavity of the posterior part of the head to which the neck is annexed. The jugular vein is the large veins of the neck that drain blood from the head. Derivatives: yoke , jug- , jugate , jugular , jugum , conjugate , subjugate , zygo -, zygote , jostle , joust , adjust , join , joint , conjugal , conjunct , yoga. These etymologies should make this 'Mighty Hunter', this 'Giant', the zygote ; the product of the conjunction of the sperm and egg cells in conception.

A zygote is the original cell that comes to creation and will survive in this state for four days before dividing into a blastiocyst.

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In the micro realm a zygote cell would appear gigantic compared to other cells. In ancient Egyptian the germinating seed symbolized Osiris rising from the dead. The zygote grows into a child. Fertilisation also takes place in plants when the male gamete fuses with the female gamete to form a zygote. The zygote grows into a seed. The germinating seed symbolized Osiris rising from the dead. Sahu , Sah , was an ancient Egyptian title for Orion. This twice appears in the Book of the Dead: "The shoulders of the constellation Sahu "; and: "I see the motion of the holy constellation Sahu ".

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Not only was there the physical form, but there were eight immortal or semi-divine parts that survived death. Massey says that the word ' Sahu ' means 'to incorporate' [ join ] [ 5 ]. The god Sah or Sahu is personified in the constellation of Orion and his consort, Sopdet or Greek name, Sothis , is personified in the adjacent constellation, Canis Major , or its alpha star Sirius the 'dog star'. These two constellations came to be viewed as manifestations of Osiris and Isis. Osiris was addressed as follows in one of the Isis chants:. There proceedeth from thee the strong Orion in heaven at evening, at the resting of every day!

Lo it is I Isis , at the approach of the Sothis Sirius period, who doth watch for him the child Osiris According to Allen [see Star Names below] some think that the Belt of Orion stars, delta, epsilon, zeta, known to the Arabs as the Golden Nuts, first bore the name Jauzah , from another meaning of that word, — Walnut, and that title was later given to the whole figure of Orion.

In early Arabia Orion was Al Jauzah. Walnuts genus Juglans , note the similarity of Orion's title 'Jugula' from Latin juglans , 'walnut', is a contraction of ' Jovis glans '. Mythology describes a Golden Age when men lived on acorns the gods lived on walnuts thus the name Jovis glans or 'Jupiter's nut's. Jauzah also seems to be the term used for a black sheep with a white spot on the middle of the body.

Orion had a number of titles signifying the word ' giant ': The Jews called Orion Gibbor , the Giant. Our words giant and gigantic , and the word giga - prefix meaning a billion come from Latin gagas , Greek gigas. Orion is referred to as 'earthborn' because the gods Zeus, Hermes and Poseidon urinated into a bull's hide and buried it in the earth. In Greek mythology the gigantes were according to the poet Hesiod the children of Uranos and Gaea the Heaven and the Earth.

The prefix gi- of 'giant', is believed to come from Gaia, or Gaea, meaning earth, Gaea-antis. Algebra , another Arabic title for Orion, has the same spelling as that branch of mathematics; algebra. Conception took place while Gabriel was present; something involved in the creation of the zygote , perhaps the spirit, soul, or life force. Orion is identified with Egyptian Osiris who was cut up into pieces by Set and his body was reassembled by Isis, who is associated with Sirius in Canis Major.

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Winter's Orion rises in the east as the cosmic Scorpion disappears below the western horizon [ 7 ]. Skorpios Scorpius was a giant scorpion sent by the earth-goddess Gaia to slay the giant Orion when he threatened to kill all the beasts of the earth. The Scorpion stung Orion on the heel marked by the star Rigel , beta Orion and killed him.