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The film, which features music composed by James Horner , was the last film that featured Pakula as both writer and director before his death.

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After two Supreme Court justices are killed by an assassin named Khamel Stanley Tucci , Tulane University law student Darby Shaw Julia Roberts writes a legal brief detailing her theory on why they were killed. Soon after, Callahan is killed by a car bomb ; Darby manages to avoid the same fate and is subsequently attacked by an unknown assailant.

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Realizing that her brief was accurate, she goes into hiding and reaches out to Verheek for assistance. An informant calling himself Garcia contacts Washington Herald reporter Gray Grantham Denzel Washington with information about the assassinations, but suddenly disappears. Darby contacts Grantham, who finds her information is accurate.

Darby's computer, disks, and files disappear from her home, where she is again attacked but manages to escape. She contacts and agrees to meet Verheek, but Khamel kills Verheek and impersonates him at the meet. Before Khamel can kill Darby, he is shot and killed by an unknown person. Darby agrees to meet Grantham in New York City, where she shares the theory expressed in her brief: the assassinations were done on behalf of oil tycoon Victor Mattiece, who intends to drill for oil on Louisiana marshland that is habitat for an endangered sub-species of brown pelicans.

A court appeal to deny Mattiece the drilling rights is expected to reach the Supreme Court. Darby has surmised that Mattiece, hoping to turn the case in his favor, is behind the justices' murders, given their history of environmentalism.


Suspecting that his murder was related to the incriminating information, she and Grantham visit his widow, who gives them a key to a safe deposit box. Darby visits the bank to retrieve the contents of the box.

After barely escaping death by a car bomb, they reach the Washington Herald building, where they review the documents and a videotape recovered from Morgan's box. The tape confirms Darby's theory, as Morgan's documents prove his own discovery that Mattiece ordered the assassination of the Justices. With this evidence, Grantham writes his story.

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A plane is arranged for Darby to flee the country. Grantham deflects speculation that Darby is fictional, but does agree that she is "almost" too good to be true. Darby smiles. Also, Brief is a relatively gore-free thriller, with most of the violence effectively conveyed offscreen. Roberts and Denzel Washington in its leading roles.

Neither of these first-rate actors is shown to great dramatic advantage, but they both do a lot to make the movie shine. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Pelican Brief Theatrical release poster.


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Retrieved July 17, Books educate and inspire young minds, but throughout schools in Africa, books are in critical short supply. In particular, picture books and early learning story books are unheard of in many schools. Many children never experience the pleasure of reading a book together in a class, of looking at the pictures and words to follow a story, or of relating with the teacher afterwards what the story is about. As a result, many children don't develop a real love for reading, their thirst for knowledge is frustrated, and a child's imagination and aspirations are not given the same potential to develop and grow.

Pelican Post is an exciting new postal service that allows you to make a direct contribution to stimulating a culture of reading in an African school.

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If we get more copies of that we could use it in class. The quality is excellent and I can see the chlldren enjoying their reading lessons with such books".