The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

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Walter Kempner, advised a thirty-three-year-old female patient with hypertension, renal disease, and associated symptoms to follow a diet of only rice and fruit for two weeks upon being discharged from the hospital. Speaking in a German accent, Dr. Kempner was especially difficult for this native North Carolinian patient to understand.

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And while she understood that she could eat rice, and she did that faithfully, she did not understand his instructions to return in two weeks. Finally, two months later she returned to Dr.

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Kempner for a follow-up examination, and her results were amazing. This was incredibly significant because at this time high blood pressure medications had not yet been invented.

In addition, the bleeding in her eye had healed, and there was a substantial decrease in her heart size. When Dr. Kempner realized that the diet could produce these dramatic results and could be used over longer periods of time, the Rice Diet Program was born and became his mission. Kempner began prescribing prolonged diet therapy to other patients with renal disease and hypertension with equally positive results. In , he presented his clinical findings to the American Heart Association meeting in Chicago.

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The results were revolutionary. Kempner documented improvements in kidney dysfunction, hypertension, cholesterol levels, and cardiovascular disease. Three years later, he reported the disappearance of signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure.

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By , Dr. Kempner had proved that dietary therapy could reduce or eliminate the need for insulin therapy for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Kempner had discovered another population he could treat with his Rice Diet: women and men who were overweight or obese. The Rice Diet, which was affiliated with Duke University at that time, began emerging as the benchmark for all other diet programs.

Since that time, the Rice Diet has become known for treatment of obesity, and its hometown of Durham, North Carolina, has developed a reputation as the diet capital of the world. When I first started working with Dr. Kempner and his colleague Dr. Barbara Newborg in , there was no Program in the traditional sense of lectures, groups, or supervised exercise. There was simply an eating plan and a medical check-in.

Participants came to the Rice House for breakfast and met with staff to have their weights, blood pressure, and, if necessary, blood sugars checked. The doctors made recommendations about medications, exercise, and diet. After breakfast the Rice House closed. If the patient wanted to see the medical staff after 10 A. The Rice House reopened for two hours for lunch and dinner, but otherwise patients were on their own.

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Kempner suggested that they take a walk in the morning and a nap in the afternoon. That was the extent of the Program. It was simply the phenomenal results as well as Dr. At this time in the history of the Rice Diet, I was a staff physician. Part of my job was to talk to prospective patients on the phone and describe the program.

Dutifully, I would tell them to show up at the Rice House for their meals, see their doctor to have their daily workup, and simply take it easy. The people at the other end of the phone would take in this information and then ask me what everyone did the rest of the day. They wanted to know what to do with all that free time. The more I pondered this common question, the more I began to realize that patients did one of two things with all that free time: they got bored and either started figuring out why they were doing the Rice Diet in the first place, or they found ways to distract themselves.

But at some point, the boredom caught up with them: they began to slow down—they either stopped losing weight, or gained back one or two pounds, and they were forced to look inward. They asked themselves questions, such as Why am I here? What am I doing? Who am I? It was clear to me that it was the so-called boredom time that enabled these questions to surface and brought participants to a critical turning point.

The Rice Diet Renewal A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

Some of them would say in frustration, I just want to be thin! Years later I would say, Of course you do, but that thin person is inside of you. Just look inside. As I began to see people doing this self-exploration on their own, I realized that they might benefit further from psychological or therapeutic help. Though trained as an internist, Dr. Kempner was quite a good psychiatrist and was already helping patients deal with emotional issues.

He also told patients that they needed to be completely selfish, which was pretty startling advice, but I realized that he was talking about priorities and taking care of yourself. Confucius said something like, First take care of yourself. If you could do that you might be able to take care of another and if you could do that you might be able to take care of a family and if everybody could do that the world would be better.

Extreme Weight Loss With The "Rice Reduction" Diet?

It began to dawn on me that most of our patients had been so busy taking care of someone or something else that they had no time to take care of themselves. Doing the Rice Diet was often the first time many of them had made the choice to take care of themselves.

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It was around this time that Kitty came into my life. Seeing both her success working with patients in cardiac rehab as well as in changing their lives through nutrition, I convinced Dr. Kempner to hire her. I believed strongly that she would be an enormous asset to the Rice Diet, and I was right.

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Immediately, Kitty began nutritional talks, helping all participants doing the Rice Diet understand why they were eating the foods they were eating. At the same time, she not only empowered the participants to find health through weight loss and motivated them to seek self-exploration and inner healing, she also inspired me to open my eyes to how necessary such inner examination is for everyone, including me.

Kitty suggested we model this part of the diet process on a Step program, offering participants groups that followed the book, The 12 Steps.

A Healing 30-Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss

The Rice Diet Renewal: A Healing Day Program for Lasting Weight Loss [Kitty Gurkin Rosati] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the. Editorial Reviews. From the Inside Flap. A Practical Day Plan for Lasting Weight Loss and Inner Healing. Many diets can help you lose a significant amount of.

At any rate, I realized that most patients who came to us had implicitly done the first three steps: 1 they realized that they had a problem that they could not manage; 2 they believed that there was a way to get help; and 3 they turned the management of the problem to a higher power. Using Dr. Indeed, it turns out that many participants were already doing step four i. Patients were responding well to the opportunity our Step-like groups gave them to explore in a safe and honest environment their struggle with food and the resulting feelings of shame that challenged their weight loss success.

With Kitty at the helm, we looked in the direction of personal recovery in order to help people lose weight and keep it off for good.

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Kempner retired and Kitty and I assumed day-today operations of the Rice Diet Clinic, we continued expanding the program, offering more opportunities for those ready to explore a deeper connection to their bodies, minds, and spirits. We soon added yoga, and an increasing number of scheduled activities, including meditation and mindfulness exercises.

We strengthened the community at the Rice House, giving participants many opportunities to gather, share experiences, ask questions, and mull over their own thoughts and feelings with like-minded, encouraging listeners. When we saw how much the community helped people maintain the diet, I finally understood what Dr.